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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Weekend Project!

So I got a little bored on the weekend (like every other weekend in this city). So I decided to whack out the old push bike and do it up a little. Originally I bought this Norco off a guy at work (for around $400-500), after a while I chucked a new SRAM Sprocket and de-railer on the back (didn't like the old worn out shimani stuff). So now I'm thinking about changing it's colour to something different. So I quickly took a photo of the original (bottom left) and did a quick render with a white colour frame (bottom right).

So straight to work I ended up stripping everything off leaving nothing but a bare and exposed frame. Next step is to strip the paint off down to nothing but the raw aluminium under the paint. Unfortunately I ran out of my paint stripper and being a Sunday nothing is open. So at the moment the project is on pause until i get some more. :)

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